Story by Art Department / April 18, 2017

There is something special about going to the theater to see a movie, but it can be difficult to find a time, date, and movie everyone can agree upon. Not only that, but if you want to refill your refreshments or want to take a quick bathroom break you’ll miss a part of the movie. Although, you won’t be able to watch movies just released in theaters, a home theater system may provide you with the environment you’ve come to love from the theaters with the control and comfort you come to expect from a home entertainment system.

With all the systems that go into a home theater, it can be difficult to know exactly how to design the space and what products will give you the experience you want. If you’re uncertain about how to start the process, talking with AV Lifestyles, a sponsor of the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival, is a good place to start. Whether you have an idea about how you want your home theater designed or you are just starting to research home theaters, AV Lifestyles’ Home Theater Team can design, manufacture, install and automate your complete home theater. With the details that go into making a home theater system run optimally, working with a single company helps to ensure that everything is running properly and you experience the full theater affect in your own home. While you’re already talking with them, consider asking them about their other services. Whether you want to make your home controllable from your phone or you’re looking at updating your security system, AV Lifestyles will work with you to create a system that is tailored completely for your home. With your new home theater system you can watch movies just released to the public, relive classic movies you saw in theaters when you were a kid, or even watch home videos you recorded years ago – as long as you transfer it off of VHS of course. There’s no limit to how you use your home theater system, and it will be a well-loved addition to any home. Check out AV Lifestyle’s booth at the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival April 22 – 23 and learn more about home theaters, as well as media rooms, outdoor living, and more!