Story by Art Department / July 25, 2017

Rugs do a lot to turn a house into a home by making spaces cozy and personal, so it’s important to choose a high quality rug that will last. Considering all of the many fibers to choose from, wool is one of the most comfortable and most forgiving rug fibers in that it is easy to spot clean and remove stains.

Rob Leahy, owner of Fine Rugs of Charleston, considers hand-knotted, wool rugs to be a great investment for busy homes due to their unique construction. Hand-knotted, wool rugs can be cleaned more thoroughly than some other rugs thanks to an inherent property in wool that accepts an intense washing process at the end of the rugs’ production. Before a hand-knotted rug is ready for purchase, it is flushed with water from the back of the rug and out through the face; the rug is then dried, straightened, and smoothed. This intense cleaning removes all of the undesirable characteristics of the wool (like its smells) while ensuring that the hand-knotted rug can easily withstand future cleanings.

Maintaining such a functional rug is as simple as regular vacuuming—without the beater bar—and a professional cleaning every five to eight years. According to Rob, pet stains are one of the most common instances of rug damage. Fortunately, with a hand-knotted wool rug, all it takes is some dish soap dabbed onto the rug to release the stain and a fresh wet cloth to wipe up the soapy mixture. Since older and more worn rugs are prone to tears, holes, and other damage, Fine Rugs of Charleston also offers rug repair services to keep your hand-knotted rugs in great condition and in the home longer.