Story by Micaela Arnett / January 12, 2022

Small spaces can be some of the most challenges areas to design in your home. Whether it’s a powder room or laundry room or bedroom, there are a multitude of design solutions to make these tiny rooms beautiful and help them flow, aesthetically, with the rest of your home. These tips depend on what room you’re designing, but regardless, they will help your small space feel larger than it is. 

Use a daybed

In smaller bedrooms, opting for a daybed will seemingly add square footage for room for other must-have furniture and accessories.

House of Hoffmann Interiors | Photo by Callie Cranford

Use mirrors

There is an art to playing with mirrors and natural light in order to make a small room feel bigger. Hang your mirrors across from a window if possible; this will help elongate your space. 

Steven Shell Living | Photo by Patrick Brickman

Use bigger furniture

This might sound counterintuitive but using less bigger furniture, rather than a lot of small pieces, makes a much larger impact in your smaller space. If your living room is small, focus on a large sofa and console table to anchor the space.  

Dr. Eddie Irions Home | Winter 2021 Cover Story | Photo by Patrick Brickman

Focus on lighting

Lighting is transformative in a room, no matter the size. Make sure the lighting you select for your small space is to scale for the rest of the room. 

Circa Lighting | Photo by Ebony Ellis

Convert a closet

Think about converting a closet to serve a different function. Make it a laundry room, an office, or even a wet bar. 

St. Pierre Construction | Photo by Patrick Brickman

Stay extremely organized

Your small space is going to feel much better if it’s clutter free. Everything should have its place and should remain there when not in use. 

Hausful | Photo by Patrick Brickman

Opt for a lighter color palette

A more neutral color palette in a small space, such as a long and narrow master bathroom, will make the room feel bright and give the illusion it’s bigger than it is. Texture makes the space more inviting. 

Zuma Imports | Photo by Callie Cranford

Use accessories as decor

Hats, handbags, and scarves make for some great wall decor and will save you storage space. 

Paula Dhier Home | Spring 2020 Cover Story | Photo by Callie Cranford

Hang large artwork

Artwork can be used as the focal point of a room. Large artwork above the sofa or your bed, brings the attention to that pieces rather than focusing on the small size of the room. 

Helen Hall Home | Fall 2021 Cover Story | Photo by Ebony Ellis

Go bold

This is particularly relevant for powder rooms. Tiny powder rooms are fun small spaces to be bold in your design choices. Select that vibrant wallpaper you’ve been eyeing and that beautiful chandelier. Those elements will draw the eye up, making the room feel taller. 

Polished Renovations & Design | Photo by Ebony Ellis