Story by Micaela Arnett / May 19, 2022

Consider a resting place revival and freshen up your master bedroom this Spring!  Check out these 10 master bedroom ideas from homes around Charleston that just might inspire you to make the most of your retreat this season. 

1. Wood Accents

Photography by Patrick Brickman | Cinder Creek Construction 

Master bedroom ideas don’t always have to be extravagant. Jazz up high ceilings with decorative wood beams.

2. Seating Area

Photography by Callie Cranford | Palmetto Surfacing 

Create a separate space for seating defined by a funky light fixture.

3. Symmetry With Light Fixtures

Photography by Ebony Ellis | Carolina Lanterns & Lighting

Lighting can change everything. These low-hanging brass pendant lights create symmetry and bedside illumination.

4.  Shiplap + Beams

Photography by Callie Cranford | Jacksonbuilt Custom Homes

A shiplap ceiling creates a calming coastal vibe and a gorgeous background for any light fixture. 

5. Modern Ceiling Fan 

Photography by Callie Cranford | Iola Modern

Consider a modern and innovative ceiling fan to welcome a new perspective to the entire room.

6. Thick Floor To Ceiling Molding

Photography by Ebony Ellis | Lowcountry Premier Custom Homes 

Molding does wonders for a space. Windows, ceilings, and floors can easily be elevated when framed by detail. 

7. Paint It Black

Photography by Ebony Ellis | Diament Building Corporation

Paint the ceiling black and the walls white is an easy retro refresh and an opportunity to use a fun color on the bedframe.

8. Custom Drapes

Photography by Ebony Ellis | Aiden Fabrics

Window treatments can make a big statement in a pattern and color combo that complement the bed linens. 

9. Rattan Headboard + Bamboo Shade

Photography by Callie Cranford | House of Hoffmann Interiors 

A rattan headboard compliments bamboo shades for a light and bright boho vibe. 

10. Layer Up 

Photography by Callie Cranford

Maximize texture and color by layering rugs, blankets, and throw pillows.