Story by Micaela Arnett / December 29, 2022

Whether you’re your own barista in the morning or an at-home cocktail connoisseur on the weekends, having a designated place for your glassware and gadgets makes a custom beverage station all the more appealing. Plus, it’s an opportunity to espresso your personal style and entertain with ease. 

Photography by Callie Cranford 

A temperature-controlled beverage cooler is a great way to keep your wines aging gracefully. 

Steven Shell Living | Photography by Callie Cranford

Built-in ice makers make for quick and easy cocktails and a lot less cleanup. 

PRD Custom Homes & Interiors | Photography by Callie Cranford 

Exposed shelving is a decorative statement and storage solution for those of us who appreciate a good display of mugs.

Photography by Callie Cranford 

Don’t be afraid to take a risk with the backsplash. Your beverage station will be significantly smaller than your kitchen, so now is the time to try out those bold textures you’ve been dreaming of.

Classic Kitchens of Charleston | Photography by Patrick Brickman

Custom cabinet lighting cast an elegant glow on glassware and spirit collections. 

PRD Custom Homes & Interiors | Photography by Callie Cranford 

Red wine lovers, you’ll appreciate this wine cubby. 

PRD Custom Homes & Interiors | Photography by Callie Cranford 

White wine lovers, check out this adjustable six-rack bottle chiller! 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

Appliance panels mask the mini-fridge and ice maker of this swanky wet bar for a seamless look. 

Photography by Patrick Brickman 

Mix a number of materials and finishes for a smaller scaled design impact that still packs a punch. 

Carolina Lanterns & Lighting | Photography by Ebony Ellis 

This dark design scheme is marvelously moody and mysterious, perfect for a nightcap. 

Design the beverage station of your dreams with local home professionals who can make your vision a reality!

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