Story by Micaela Arnett / June 20, 2023

Advanced Water Systems offers the essentials needed for efficient and effective water treatments for every water issue. From water softeners to special treatment solutions, Advanced Water Systems has the knowledge, experience, and Kinetico equipment to deliver fresh, purified water from every source in your home. 

Water Filtration 

A Kinetico Water Filtration System removes sediment, chemicals, and other contaminants that may cause a home’s water to appear cloudy with an unpleasant taste and smell.

Ion Exchange 

For homeowners experiencing the impact of “hard water”, Advanced Water System’s Kinetico Ion Exchange Water Softeners improve the moisture retention of skin and hair with water that is crisp, and mineral free. 

Water Purification 

The installation of a Kinetico Water Purification System benefits homeowners who appreciate the clarity and taste of purified water for drinking and cooking. 

Water Sanitization 

Even if the water in your home looks, smells, and tastes normal, it is not guaranteed to be free from harmful bacteria or viruses. Ensure the safety of your family and pets with a Kinetico Water Sanitization System which uses UV sanitation technologies to deactivate microorganisms and eliminate the potential for regrowth. 

For more information, call Advanced Water Systems at (843) 645-4450 or visit their website here. 

Photography by Kenny Reed