Story by Art Department / February 10, 2021

Over the next few months, we’re going to share a really special journey with you. The team at SHELTER Custom-Built Living is working on a remarkable project for a local family – building a home so they can all be under one roof. They invited us along for the ride and we are excited to take you through the process. We’ll introduce you to the project, the family, the people involved, and keep you updated on the progress.

The Family

A little over two years ago, a single mother’s life changed. One of her five children unexpectedly had a brain aneurysm when he was playing a football game. She was working multiple jobs to make ends meet prior to her son’s medical issues. She spent time with him in the hospital as he was recovering, so she lost some of those jobs. Medical bills began piling up and the family soon lost their home. They had to get creative about where the could stay while they are eagerly awaiting the completion of their new home, and are incredibly grateful for the help of their friends and family.

The blessing of the land the family’s home will be built on. Photography provided by SHELTER Custom-Built Living.

The Home

Members of her son’s school community have spearheaded a campaign that covered his access to therapy and other immediate needs. His condition requires continuous therapy and care so he needs a specific bedroom. Since that campaign, the community has rallied again to raise $30,000 for a home for the family to share one roof. Their family has helped, the community has helped, and the church has helped to bring this family back together.

When Ryan Butler, the owner of SHELTER Custom-Built Living, heard this mother’s story he wanted to help. So he began calling partners and getting resources together with the help of Mary Nemeth, a local mom who wanted to help another local mom. The home has been framed, but there have been setbacks and the team is requesting any help they can get. If you or someone you know are able to donate materials or labor, they ask you to contact Mary Nemeth at

Over the next few months, the team will continuing working diligently to build a house that will become a home for the family of six. Stay tuned to see the final product.