Story by Art Department / June 26, 2020

Taking care of the trees in your yard is crucial to ensuring they will live long lives. Pruning is the first step to take when considering tree health. Pruning helps the tree’s health in a couple of ways. The first benefit to pruning is that it helps get rid of pests. Another thing pruning helps prevent is the spread of canker or vascular diseases on tree branches. Building the structure of the tree helps make it stronger. If the tree is strong, it is less likely to break during inclement weather. If the leaves have less crown density, they will dry faster which makes them more resistant to foliar disease. Pruning is just one of many ways to help maintain your tree’s health.

Cables and brace rods were added to this tree for added structural support.

Mulching two to three inches of organic mulch in a critical root zone helps retain water so the roots stay moist. It also insulates the soil to better manage changing temperatures. Soil care and fertilization is also a must and that is based on a soil analysis that can be completed by tree experts. Root invigoration is needed where root development is impeded by compaction and low organic matter. This process revitalizes the soil to keep it healthy for the tree. Pest management is also crucial to a healthy tree. Monitoring for damaging insects and taking proper steps when they are seen will elongate the life of the tree. 

Photography by Callie Cranford

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