Story by Art Department / February 15, 2021

Cabinetry and furniture seemed to be a dream pursuit for Drew Taylor until 2011 when Carpenters Restoration was looking for an in-house cabinet maker. Drew had studied cabinetry and furniture under master cabinet maker John McKinlay-Key, so he was eager to bring his expertise to the Charleston market. Drew took over the shop in 2013. Since then, the focus has shifted to collection level custom cabinetry and furniture. The new design studio will help Drew and the team to continue to grow.

In with the New Design Studio

Big windows, exposed beams, and concrete floors help create a raw craftsman feel while being high-end and contemporary. On one side, there is a living room setup, on the other, a kitchen. The design studio helps the team at Carpenters Restoration provide the tools they need to support their customers.

A Sense of Community

Community tables will be outside of the storefront to make the space feel welcoming. The studio will be used for designers and customers to meet and learn what Carpenters Restoration can offer. The area is complete with an over-the-top coffee station. They plan on bringing coffee to customers and designers at a dining room table to create a sense of home. “A lot of designers meet in homes or Starbucks. We want to offer something else,” Drew says. “We want to be both inspirational and personable enough to discuss all of the customer’s desires.”

This new studio will offer new relationships, and build upon pre-existing ones by giving people something real to look at; something they can, feel, touch, and use and “see our craftsmanship on a real level”.

Photography by Patrick Brickman

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