Story by Art Department / November 15, 2016

Schneider_HUG_Fall15-1Heightening the natural beauty of your landscaping as well as protecting the health of your trees are crucial in preparation for seasonal changes. Adding lightning protection, trimming excessive limbs, and controlling pests are wise decisions to make before the unpredictable winter approaches. Schneider Tree Care, one of the most renowned and qualified tree care services of North and South Carolina, has been providing residential protections such as these for almost two decades now. They evaluate your trees or shrubs so as to devise a plan, carry out an array of quick and organized services, and leave your yard looking even better than before.

Just like any other living thing, trees require time to progress and acquire strength. Fall is the ideal time to plant since they will have plenty of time to develop a weather-resistant root system before the strike of winter. Pruning, one of the best things you can do for your trees, is a wise idea in the fall season. Tree structure is strengthened and excessive limbs carefully taken down. This reduces unnecessary weight, preventing future damage by any possible ice storms. Pruning even prevents pest outbreaks for the following spring, allowing you to enjoy air that is a little more bug-free.

Schneider Tree Care provides tree removal services for even the largest, most diseased trees you may have. Knowledgeable employees keep in mind the safety of your home and the protection of your yard—your property is their main priority. Other helpful options involve the removal of stumps as well as the integration of mulch into areas in need of moisture. Mulch assists with weed control, increases soil temperatures in the winter, and gives your trees the nutrients they demand. Caring for the trees that make your environment unique and healthy is a must. These advantageous solutions will keep your yard undeniably prepared for any weather that may come!


Created by Paige Stover