Story by Micaela Arnett / February 15, 2023

The weather is starting to warm up here in Charleston and what better way to prepare your home for Spring than with a beautiful and functional garden space? Here are ten things to consider when planning your plot: 

Create A Journey 

Even in a small garden, creating winding pathways will make the space feel much larger. Create a route that creates the longest trip from place to place for more enjoyment. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Introduce Pattern 

Draw your gaze into the middle of your garden with a pattern that diverts attention from the surrounding not so manicured landscapes of your neighbors or public buildings. 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

Level Up 

If your plot of land is just a tad awkward in shape, forming a series of usable spaces at varying elevations is an easy way to make the space look symmetrical.

Photography by Kenny Reed

Just Add Water

Not only do water features add a relaxing sound to your garden but they also promote visits from pollinators who will help keep your landscape in tip-top shape no matter the season. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Privacy Pointers

Consider permanent plantings like trees or custom-built awnings to create a more natural and immovable source of privacy. 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

Make Room For Work and Play 

Plant shrubs at the front of your garden and as you make your way toward the back of your plot, create a garden room so it doesn’t overpower the rest of the space. This could be as simple as a picnic bench for an outdoor dining or work area. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Reflect the Space 

Consider adding reflective materials like metallic tiles and mirrors to your garden space. Angling these pieces to catch light will illuminate your outdoor area with a natural ambiance. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Integrate Seating 

Built-in features like raised beds or boundary walls make a great space for styling an outdoor seating area. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Unify the Boundaries 

Especially in a small space, the boundaries of a garden can be quite hard to miss. Choose a mix of similar materials and plantings throughout for a more unified look. 

Photography by Kenny Reed

Light the Way 

Outdoor lighting creates visual enjoyment inside and out. Just make sure you have your exterior lighting set up on a timer so you don’t cause light pollution.

Photography by Kenny Reed

Happy garden planning! 

Landscape Designs by Linda Greenberg Landscape Design