Story by Art Department / June 20, 2017

As the Lowcountry is ushered into this year’s hurricane season by changing temperatures, windy nights, and damaging storms, plants and landscaping can suffer in the tempestuous conditions. Yards have already been in danger of drowning in the floods produced by the various storms this year. However, there is one threat stormy weather brings that is especially hazardous to tall trees: lightning.

Due to their height, lightning targets southern giants, like live oaks, and uses them as fast travel to the soil. Unfortunately, this kind of electrical activity in the trunk results in the death of almost half of every lightning-struck tree. This is a scary thought for the safety of those gorgeous oaks dripping with Spanish moss and southern charm.

So how do you protect your tall shade-givers from lightning?

Thankfully, there’s a preventative solution. Lightning protection systems can be installed that will keep trees from harm in the summer storms. Schneider Tree Care, located on Meeting Street in North Charleston, provides this lightning protection service by attaching copper cables to the highest branches of the tree and securing them into the ground below. If the tree does get struck by lightning, these cables will absorb and distribute the electrical current safely away from the tree. It is important to keep trees safe from storms not only for the sentimental significance they might have but also for the refreshing and relieving shade that they’ll give on the hot summer days that are sure to come.

In the unfortunate event that a tree doesn’t survive a lightning strike, Schneider Tree Care can also safely remove the affected tree by carefully dismantling it using special equipment. Homeowners should not try to remove large trees without professional help—even trees with small diameters can be way too heavy to remove without the special rigging provided by Schneider Tree Care. After dismantling the tree and removing it, Schneider Tree Care will remove the stump as well, ensuring both safety and charm for the landscape.

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