Story by Art Department / April 8, 2016

Charleston Symphony Designer Showhouse:

Each year, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League hosts a designer showcase at the James Sanders house in the heart of Harleton Village. The fundraiser is used to raise money to support the Charleston Symphony Orchestra as well as to fund music scholarship for students in the Lowcountry. For the show, different designers create newly decorated rooms that incorporate the 19th century elements of the house with the 21st century design of today.

The Dining room for this year’s Showhouse was done by Bobbi Jo Engelby of Domain Interiors & Design. Bobbi Jo created an elegant room, reminiscent of the Lowcountry while incorporating a neutral color palette to enhance the room’s aesthetic. Bobbi Jo used blue grey drapes and area rug to compliment the round dining table, creating great flow while also making the space seem larger. With the addition of a large mirror and crystal lamps, sun bursts into the room and gives off a new light.

In charge of the creation of the Master Bath was Lauren Messina from Lauren M. Creative. With over 15 years of experience and numerous projects ranging from new builds and renovations, and from New York to New Orleans, there was no doubt for this room’s potential. Lauren was able to transform the Master Bath into a beautifully draped, whimsical space. By using soft pinks, local artwork, and light colored furniture, Lauren was able to juxtapose the 19th century black and white floor beautifully.

These two designers supported the Charleston Symphony by using their time and energy to create these spectacular rooms. Due to all the help from Bobbi Jo and Lauren Messina, as well as the many other designers who dedicated their talents to this project, the Charleston Symphony Orchestra League will be able to continue to provide music education programs and scholarships for the Lowcountry.

If you would like to attend, the Designer Showhouse is taking place March 17th through April 17th at 156 Wentworth Street, Charleston. Tickets are available at the door for $25.

Showhouse hours are:

Monday-Saturday: 10am-4pm

Sunday: 1pm-4pm (except Easter)

Café Dining hours:

Monday-Saturday: 11:30am -2pm

Created by Claire Nellums

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