Story by Art Department / June 30, 2016

siM_X2gPaPbf-1EnAtXvdEKIPt07nAk5i96QM8ht5FM,JUG1pKMmuDfg98ZRTPdx0ccUIpIMHDedIj5lXbTjk1MWhat could be more enjoyable than relaxing on a porch swing, taking in a beautiful view on a breezy Saturday? The problem, however, is that most people have more than one “beautiful view” they want to enjoy, and a traditional porch swing is mounted to permanently face only one direction. Say you had a swing that faced towards a lovely marsh view, but you wanted to take a moment to watch children in the backyard playing tag—looks like you’ll just have to pull up a different chair. Have friends over and want to socialize with them on the porch? I guess you won’t be able to sit on your porch swing, since it doesn’t face inwards. Well, you wouldn’t have been able to, before the arrival of the Swivel Swing device.
The Swivel Swing can take any traditional porch swing and enable it to rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to take in any view you desire. Once you decide exactly what direction you would like to face, you can simply lock the swing in position with a pull chain. The way the Swivel Swing is mounted also allows for better balance, meaning there’s no more of that seesaw affect that sometimes happens when weight is distributed unevenly on a porch swing. Now there are no limits to the views you can take in as you swing on your porch.


Created by Katherine Bryan