Story by Micaela Arnett / April 6, 2023

HLG Growers understands how to implement all of the components of a well-designed landscape to create an outdoor living space that serves as an extension of a homeowner’s interior living arrangement for the perfect amount of indoor/outdoor living. Elements to consider are line, form, texture, color, and scale which all work in harmony to create the best-looking result. 


As it relates to landscaping, lines help create pathways and add visual interest by guiding the eye toward and away from certain plantings.


This refers to the shapes of the plantings and hardscapes used that typically impact the design the most. 


This applies to both the softscape (the plantings) and hardscape (decks, patios, driveways) and how they complement each other. 


All four seasons are carefully considered for the best color turnout year-round because not everything blooms at once.


Making sure plantings and hardscape structures are installed at varying heights and widths enhances the overall design composition by creating a space with variety. 

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Photography by Patrick Brickman