Story by Art Department / August 2, 2016

Snip20160614_5Looking for the perfect way to add some character and charisma to your kitchen? Swift Appliances can help you install appliances in your home that add a pop of color where necessary. While certain elements of kitchen design tend to air on the neutral side these days, many people are drifting from traditional, simple, and all-white kitchens. If you are a lover of classic white, black, and grey cabinets or countertops, you can still brighten the room with a colored appliance.

Appliances are what make a kitchen distinct and functional—show them off! Despite the fact that stainless steel can give the room a clean-cut finish, they tend to show more messes, requiring you to keep up with cleanliness by wiping surfaces more often. Using a colored appliance not only mixes it up by giving the kitchen a nice change of pace, but also disguises those inevitable, daily finger smudges much more. Choose a color that coincides with the scheme of your home’s interior, or even choose a shade that is hot and trendy at the moment—switching colors eventually is quite the easy task.

Contact the experts at Swift Appliances if you are looking to brighten your kitchen and give it the personality it needs. Whether it is a refrigerator, dishwasher panel, oven, or even an appliance for another area, let color bring a little life back into the rooms of your home. After all, color and design are what soften the industrial look we may get carried away with these days. If you feel as though a cobalt blue oven appliance may be a bit bold, think again. Break out of the stainless steel trend, and have a little fun experimenting.

Created by Paige Stover