Story by Art Department / October 1, 2021

Our fall issue features the Lowcountry home of health and wellness entrepreneur Helen Hall. Helen shares about starting her businesses, how she stays motivated, the inspiration behind her home, and more. Here, we discuss some of Helen’s favorite things and she shares advice for fellow entrepreneurs.

How do you relax?

I don’t know how (laughs). If I’m laying down I have to be listening to an audiobook or something; I just want to always be learning.

Best advice for entrepreneurs?

Grow slow and maintain equity.

Favorite way to work out?

Outside. My friend Liz Wood has a place called Studio Mix which is an outside garage workout in Old Village.

Can you share some advice for people who want to follow the 80/20 lifestyle?

Follow my Instagram (smiles). The hardest thing for people is the 80 part. Watching documentaries – which are 80% factual and 20% not – helps. They’ll help you wake up and understand what’s really going on in the meat industry.

Who are some female entrepreneurs you look up to?

Sara Blakely and Bethenny Frankel.

What are some of your favorite female-owned brands to follow?

Sika, Fanmmon, and Naturaculina.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

My co-workers and customers for sure. I love when customers come and introduce themselves.

You studied fashion in college. How did you shift from that to health and wellness?

I feel like I didn’t learn much while I was in school. The most memorable experience I had in the fashion world was when the owner of Brackish Bowties came and spoke to my class. He spoke to us about how he started and I just remember thinking about how cool it was that he started this business out of feathers. I wanted to know why I couldn’t think of something like that, but I was trying to think of something in fashion. Brackish Bowties has always been very inspirational to me; they don’t even know this.

I remember that and that’s why I support them a lot. Now I get asked to go back and speak to these classes and it’s something I do every time. I’m taken back to the impact that one really great speaker had on me and am thrilled to get the opportunity to be that person for someone else. Fashion wasn’t my feather, but Blender Bombs was.