Story by Micaela Arnett / April 12, 2022

Our Spring issue features the woven design genius behind Sunwoven, Erin Barrett, and her husband, Creighton, drummer of Band of Horses. Erin shares about how she and her husband met and what keeps them both inspired as artists and parents. 

Family Time:

Movie nights, learning new activities, traveling, bike rides at Charlestontowne Landing.

Photography by: Callie Cranford

Erin and Creighton inspire each other:

Supporting each other the best they can. Creighton allows Erin the time and grace needed for her work and vice versa.

Photography by: Callie Cranford

How they met:

I had already moved here and I was dancing. Creighton had just moved back from Seattle and we had a mutual friend. That friend introduced us and it took off from there. We dated for about two years before getting married and then four months later found out we were having Sunny.

Photography by: Callie Cranford

Passions outside of work:

I like interiors, I love working in my own home. I love being a mom. I like being outside. I like cooking too.

Photography by: Callie Cranford

Favorite wall hanging you’ve made?

This big one we made was abstract and had little pops of neon and lots of texture. It was different than what I’d normally do but it turned out so well and I loved it.

Photography by: Callie Cranford

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