Story by Micaela Arnett / February 15, 2024

The most coveted of combinations; form and function, follow the mix-and-match nature behind the brand BluDot, available in Charleston exclusively at Iola Modern.

Here’s what designer Steven Ortego has to share about their partnership:

What is it about BluDot that fits Iola Modern so well?

I’ve been loving BluDot’s designs for nearly twenty years. I’ve always appreciated the fact that this brand makes good design accessible for everyone and in any age range. We knew when we opened Iola Modern that this was a line our customers could appreciate because these pieces are easy to mix into any application whether it be commercial or residential.

For those unfamiliar with the brand, what can shoppers expect from these products?

The catalog and colorways work in all types of designs, not only modern. There’s also a quick turnaround. No one likes to wait for their new pieces and BluDot makes the process quick and easy for shoppers. There aren’t too many options which makes it easy to mix and match their pieces. Their blues look good with their greens and so on making a complete look effortless because it has been formulated to do that.

As a designer, what do you love most about BluDot?

BluDot is for everybody and they fill a need for solutions. It’s democratic in the sense that it’s accessible in price, the quality is appropriate for any use, and these pieces are for everybody. You’ll see it all around town from restaurants to salons to front porches.  

All-time favorite piece?

One of our favorite chairs is the Field Lounge Chair: It’s incredibly comfortable with a really nice wide seat, great back support, and a fantastic ottoman. It’s so well-made and it comes in any fabric you could imagine. This is definitely one of their most iconic designs.

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Featured Image by Bailey Baker 

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