Story by Art Department / April 20, 2017

Protecting you home and your family is of the utmost importance. About every thirteen seconds a home intrusion is committed, and homes without any type of security system are far more likely to be targeted. Luckily, technological developments along side homeowner participation have begun to lower those odds. For thirty-five years QEI Security & Technology has been working to provide secure living to Lowcountry residents. President Chad Sanders and his team of skilled technicians work with the homeowners, accounting for their security needs, before installing the system most suited to the home. While homeowners can choose from a variety of systems that range from the basic system, which includes devices such as a touch control panel, motion detectors, and a key fob. You can also upgrade the system by adding interactive security, or security cameras, and by upgrading to smart home security.

QEI’s most recent security addition is TEQHoM INTERACTIVE, which allows homeowners security at their fingertips. Powered by, the system allows its user to control the security system from any type of smart device such as a tablet or iPhone. So were you to leave your house without arming the security system or even closing the garage door, you would be able to act quickly and easily control your home’s functions. But, owners are also able to turn on notifications, allowing them to receive text messages if anything at the home seems out of place, such as a porch light left on.

Another benefit for TEQHoM INTERACTIVE users is that the system doesn’t just allow for efficient home security, but also allows users complete control of the home. QEI, which was Quality Electric until eight years ago, specialized in technology installation, and still administers these services on top of security coverage, giving home owners the opportunity to not only control their safeguarding systems, but also other aspects of the home such as the sprinkler system, entertainment and lighting. For homeowners interested in security and convenience, QEI will be sponsoring the upcoming Daniel Island Home Show, equipped with a booth, in which they can provide further consultation and information.

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