Story by Art Department / May 6, 2020

More and more homeowners are itching to get outside and enjoy their backyard patios as we enter the summer months. Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in the Lowcountry where dining outdoors stays popular year-round. Through companies like Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens, the backyard becomes more than a patio but rather a living space, with unique grill and fireplace designs that can tie together the entire area. One of the best ways to customize the patio dining space is by installing a grill set with a pop of color, either in the cabinetry or woodwork. By using vibrant whites or pastels, you can revamp the space to have a more bohemian, beachy vibe or modern accent to complement your dining set. The team at Palmetto Outdoor Kitchens offers grills, outdoor ovens, cabinets and other appliances to accent any and all patio spaces. 

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