Story by Art Department / June 1, 2017

Fisher Recycling has been a long time advocate for the environment, and is able to take that old recyclable material that you never thought you’d see again and create something absolutely magnificent. Their process is simple, they collect materials, such as glass, through their recycling service. With these materials, they create everything from countertops to outdoor living features; all the way to exhibit surfaces at the South Carolina Aquarium. Their pieces come out unique, colorful, and texturized, and beautifully accent every Lowcountry home.

Getting their start in 1992, the company has grown substantially in its time. Founder Chris Fisher began his journey as an “ecopreneur” by collecting recyclable goods from many restaurants and business owners throughout the Charleston area. As he continued to do so, he made a name for himself and soon enough the business community embraced his mission of office and restaurant recycling. It wasn’t until 2005 that the product line “GlassEco” came about. This was the moment that these recyclables became more than just materials, but rather works of art in the making. “GlassEco” is now a huge part of what Fisher Recycling does, and recently a website was launched specifically for this product line.

GlassEco manufactures a wide variety of hard surfaces including, but not limited to: countertops, fireplace surrounds, bathroom vanities, shower walls and pool surrounds. These surfaces are not only unique, stylish, and sometimes playful, they are also ecofriendly! Each surface is designed specifically to suite the customers wants, and is fully customizable, a feature that is not often offered in the Terrazzo Style glass countertop business. You, as the customer, are able to pick from a wide variety of locally sourced glass, order additional glass accents, control the glass sizes and combinations as well as add special elements such as shells and stones to make it that much closer to your heart.

To learn more about Fisher Recycling and their sister company GlassEco, visit their new website: or call (843) 554 – 6099!