Story by Art Department / September 6, 2016

6R5aB3N7IMKVTf306Ku9Uu1-LbvATtvXnG3H0HMFLyUFor over ten years, Rhino Shield Home Coating has been helping clients put down their paintbrush and put up a weather-resistant shield. This company has had over 10,000 successful installations in the Charleston area as well as in the surrounding cities of South Carolina…not to mention worldwide. With the unpredictable climate of the Lowcountry and the hurricane season approaching, your house needs to be able to weather the storm. Even for a home that constantly basks underneath the sun’s rays, this paint protects against UV light that tends to break down chemical bonds and perpetuate the fading of colors. The crew’s professional craftsmanship helps make the process a smooth one, and the results will make it apparent how quintessential the outer walls of a home truly are.

The ceramic elastomeric, environmentally friendly and nontoxic paint goes on much thicker than typical house paint and is full of more advanced ingredients. Despite the shield’s thickness, it undoubtedly maintains the natural qualities of the exterior walls. If you live in a beautiful, historical Charleston home that needs careful tending to, fear not—the well-equipped employees of Rhino Shield pride themselves on beautifying and preserving homes for lengths of time around twenty-five years. Available in a plethora of colors, Rhino Shield’s thick paint has a nice feel and adheres to essentially any type of surface including wood, stucco, vinyl, metal, block, brick, and more. While it may look like exterior latex paint, it actually dries much more quickly. This type of technologically advanced coating allows for breathability, therefore preventing the inconvenient breakdown of paint layers.

The endless perks of quitting the traditional painting cycle and switching to Rhino Shield coating involve saving money, tending to your home’s exterior less frequently, enjoying the lasting effects, and increasing your home’s value. Another crucial benefit will have you worry-free in the sense that your beloved building is capable of enduring the constant storms. Rhino Shield’s paint waterproofs your house, resists the thick and salty air, tolerates high wind speeds and even resists algae, mold, and mildew.

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Created by Paige Stover


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