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For the House – The Barstool Shop

At one point or another, you’ll have a need for bar stools. We are so lucky to have a showroom that is completely dedicated to customized, bar and countertop height stools. For a nice and sturdy place to sit indoors or out, look no further than this seating mecca where floor to ceiling displays of various barstools for every design style await your customizations from upholstery fabric, to color, to frame, craft your very own custom bar stools at For the House – The Barstool Shop. Though most shop here for furniture, there’s no telling what kind of decorative treasures you may find.

(843) 881-7073

921 A. Houston Northcutt Blvd
Mount Pleasant, SC 29494

Categories: Furniture, Barstools
Projects: Outdoor Area, Living Area, Kitchen, Dining Room


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