Story by Art Department / April 13, 2017

Building a house or commercial property can be a daunting task, with so many options and processes to choose from, knowing what will be the most cost effective and durable can be tricky. Our friends at Insulsteel make some of the most energy efficient structural steel insulated panels for building from the ground up or renovating any project. New technology has allowed Insulsteel to engineer the panels with opposing double steel framing members coated in Expanded Polystyrene Resin which provides insulation, structural rigidity, and vapor barrier in one easy step. These panels can be used in a wide variety of ways whether it be as foundation, exterior walls, floors, or roof structures. This innovative building material will not expand, move, or twist like wood structures. Thus elongating the life of the product, saving you money, and benefitting the environment as the Steel and EPR (expanded polystyrene resin) used to coat the panels are fully recyclable. The Ecoshell building enclosure system is lightweight, and quickly installed. On top of its benefits to the environment and the builder the Ecoshell system is also extremely beneficial to the homeowner, as it passed tests conducted by the Florida Hurricane Test Lab to withstand hurricane winds up to 200 miles per hour. Ecoshell is also four times more fire resistant than traditional wood. This combined with its compliance with both the Department of Energy Model Energy Code and Energy Star make Ecoshell the U.S.’s highest-quality, lowest-cost building material. Due to its inherent rigidity, exterior siding and interior drywall tend to hang straighter and look more pleasing, giving you the perfect canvas for any design inspiration. If you are looking to start a new project from the ground up, or are simply renovating come talk to one of our sponsors, Insulsteel, at their booth during the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival. Bring your whole family to the Charleston Home + Outdoor Living Festival at Volvo Car Stadium April 22nd – 23rd and get some inspiration or consultation from one of our many vendors just in time for a sweltering Charleston summer.