Story by Art Department / September 23, 2020

Adding greenery with some fun house plants is just one way to create interest in your design and to help brighten up the space. There are a variety of options for people who are just discovering their green thumb, and for people with a long history of taking care of plants. Opting for low maintenance plants makes caring for them easy regardless of your plant history.

Snake Plants

Snake plants are pretty much impossible to kill. They are pretty structured plants and are perfect for beginner plant owners. They need little light and like to dry out in between waterings. Snake plants are toxic to dogs so make sure to keep them high up where your pups can’t get to it. There are also a variety of types of snake plants so you can have lots of low maintenance house plants with a different look.


Pothos is a beautiful draping plant as it continues to grow. These are plants that need indirect light and watering once a week or so. Because they tend to drape as the leaves grow, they aren’t great to have around animals so if you do have them, make sure to keep the pothos out of their reach.

Spider Plants

A great animal-friendly option! Spider plants are flowy and thrive best in medium sunlight. They are a lighter green color so if the shade starts getting darker, it’s time to give them more light. These plants need well drained soil so pay close attention to how much water you’re giving them – don’t saturate them too much. 

Air Plants

These plants are awesome for people looking for something super low maintenance. Air plants can be hung in a hanging planter, placed in a bowl, and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. They’re versatile and only require a regular misting to make sure they don’t dry out. 


There is a wide variety of succulents ranging from cacti to panda plants to dolphin succulents. These guys need a lot of light and need to be rotated throughout your home so different sides of the plant are getting sun. Let the soil dry out completely before watering, giving them more during spring and summer when they’re growing and less during fall and winter. If they’re in a planter with drainage holes, which is recommended, water them until it stops draining, if not, water minimally. As long as they are getting the proper sunlight, succulents will last forever.

For more information about other options for low maintenance house plants, visit a local nursery and talk to the experts! And once you’re ready to move on to your outdoor plants, it’s time to chat with the landscape pros.