Story by Art Department / December 20, 2016

AllProCrawlspaceWeb1A locally owned and widely trusted company, All Pro Crawl Space Solutions of Mount Pleasant has been serving the greater Charleston area for years. It is quite easy to overlook the maintenance that inevitably comes hand in hand with having a crawl space. Although this area seems less significant when compared to the rest of your home, preserving it is very important for the structure of your home as well as the health of those living under your roof. The hardworking professionals at All Pro Crawl Space Solutions are happy to come out to your home for free to inspect any problems or situations you may suspect are worth examining. The phrase ‘better safe than sorry’ should never be taken lightly when it comes to the protection of your home!

The two most detrimental factors to your crawl space are mold and moisture. An ideal crawl space should be dry, sealed off, and comfortable. Especially in a humid climate such as Charleston’s, moisture can creep all around your crawl space and even move upwards into the space of your house. This will result in more money spent on energy, an increase in the probability of insect infestations, and of course, mold. While everyone knows mold is highly undesirable, it is key to remember just how easily it can spread, but also how advantageous preventative action can be. All Pro Crawl Space Solutions comes up with the most suitable and affordable plan for you; their remedies include all sorts of mold treatment, mold remediation, and helpful sprays. The installation of secure liners along floors and walls is most effective, closing any gaps of breaks in the crawl space. If humidity is the problem, leave it to the dehumidifiers to work their magic.

Have you been noticing unusual moisture, sagging or cold floors, or wood that seems to be rotting? Maybe there are puddles of water in places throughout your crawl space. In any of these situations, ignoring your skepticism and hoping for the best is not the thing to do, because safety issues can come from this. These hazards can be as severe as major rotting, collapsed floors, and health threats to your family. The diligent and friendly employees of All Pro Crawl Space Solutions provide additional services to install clear liners that secure all vapor barriers. This company knows the perfect solutions for preventing further moisture, and they want to keep your space sanitary and healthy for the future.

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Created by Paige Stover