Story by Art Department / June 16, 2016

Fisher3 Here in the Lowcountry, we’re surrounded by the magnificent beauty of nature. What better way is there to give back to our beloved environment than to implement approaches to home design and remodeling that are both sustainable and support the local community? Fisher Recycling serves as a perfect resource for doing just that through their GlassEco product line. They create custom-poured hard surfaces crafted from 100% recycled glass. These countertops satisfy the demand for a natural stone appearance (popular in both residential and commercial use) while eliminating the negative environmental impact that many other surfaces emit during production.

The crushed glass system used by Fisher Recycling produces eight different sizes of cullet. It’s a completely customizable product—countertops can be crafted to match a traditional décor schemes, or can fit in with a more contemporary space. Elements of their countertop designs have included everything from local oyster shells to recycled beer bottles, proving that the only limit to product design is the client’s imagination.

Because there are so many different types of glass to chose from, unique color combinations can be designed for each piece. A tranquil blue/green and gray glass combination would add serene hint of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen or bathroom. Pebble-style glass would provide a great accent for a pool deck, creating an oasis atmosphere that extends up to the very edge of the water. For the eclectic home designer, colors as bold as red, orange, and yellow could be incorporated into a countertop design—the resulting look would be reminiscent of a colorful piece of abstract art.

Not only is it so easy to make personalized design choices when using Fisher Recycling’s GlassEco product, but you can also rest assured that you’re making a decision that is friendly to our lovely Lowcountry environment.

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Created by Katherine Bryan