Story by Micaela Arnett / April 5, 2022

By this time of year, it’s typically hard to start and finish an entire pool project before summertime because of limited availability. Lucky for everyone, Clear Blue Pools has the time and resources to get the job done.

Photography by: Ebony Ellis

Planning your pool project can be a stress free and relatively fast process when the big decisions are made up front. Here are some important things to consider when designing the pool of your dreams:

Zone Laws: Make sure your city allows breaking ground where you want to build the pool. 

Size and shape: How much of your lawn do you need to preserve? How often do you plan on using your pool? Depth? 

Photography by: Ebony Ellis

Material: Fiberglass, vinyl lined, or concrete pool? Any tile details? 

Water: Chlorine or saltwater?

Photography by: Ebony Ellis

Maintenance: Are you willing to learn how to maintain the pool on your own? Clear Blue offers maintenance plans if not. 

Features: What are you looking for specifically? Underwater lighting, cascading waterfalls, jets, a hot tub, etc. 

Photography by: Ebony Ellis

All things considered, schedule a free consultation to run everything by a professional pool designer as soon as you can. As the weather warms up, so do pool company schedules.

Once the vision is discussed, a detailed plan of action can be established and the team can get started quickly; we’re talking this month!


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Let Clear Blue Pools get you swimming by summertime.