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John Weinstock, executive vice president of Graber offers tips that will give you instructions for cleaning sturdy aluminum blinds, delicate sheer drapery—and everything in between. 


Drapery should not be washed. Decorative fabrics are generally quite tough, but they are not made to stand up to the rigors of washing. (That said, fabric drapes are among the longest-lasting window treatments available.) For a thorough cleaning, drapery should be dry cleaned by an experienced professional. But this type of cleaning is best avoided by sticking to a simple cleaning regime. Vacuum and use your upholstery attachment regularly to remove any dust accumulation. 

Outdoor Drapery


The different types of shadescellular, Roman, roller, solar, layered, and sheer—each need a different cleaning routine. But don’t worry—none require more than occasional dusting and a once-a-year thorough cleaning.

Graber Cellular Shades 

Cellular Shades

Lightly dust and vacuum (with an upholstery attachment) your cellular shades on a monthly or quarterly basis. Spot clean with mild soap and water. When cleaning with soap and water, be sure to wipe in the direction of the pleatsWhen you’re done cleaning, let the cellular shade dry out completely before you raise it.

Graber Cellular Shades

Roman Shades

Roman shades are impressive and elegant. They’re also quite durable and easy to care for. Gently vacuum with an upholstery attachment once a month—or even just quarterly. Classic Roman shades can be taken down for a mild-detergent-and-water spot cleaning once a year.

Pleated Shades with Privacy Liner

Layered and Sheer Shades

Cleaning layered and sheer shades should be done gently. It is best to use a feather duster. When a more thorough cleaning is necessary, try a hand-held vacuum with low suction—you’ll want to avoid pulling or stretching the thin fabric.

Layered Shades


Blinds should be spot-cleaned once a year. How you spot-clean your blinds depends on the material. Aluminum, vinyl, and faux wood blinds can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Wood blinds should never be cleaned with water—instead, use spray polish and a soft cloth. Vinyl vertical blinds can be spot-cleaned the same way you’d clean vinyl horizontal blinds, but they can also be taken down and given a bath in water. However, fabric vertical blinds should not be soaked—instead, give them a light vacuuming.

Natural Shades


Shutters are as easy to clean as they are durable. Dust or vacuum regularly. Once or twice a year, clean with mild detergent and water. Follow that with a rinse with plain water.

Natural Shades and Drapes

Shades and drapes made from bamboo, wood, rattan, and natural grasses are durable and easy to care for.  There is one important thing to remember: do not use water on natural shades and drapes. The natural materials are best maintained with regular light dusting or with vacuuming with the upholstery attachment. To remove small spots and stains, use a spray polish and a soft cloth.

Natural Shades with Room Darkening

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