Story by Micaela Arnett / August 23, 2022

Rachael Lolar of Advanced Window Fashions gave Charleston Home + Design the inside scoop on window covering selections and the scenarios where they work best. 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

Is it possible to achieve privacy and natural light in a bedroom?

Yes, with the  Silhouette®.

The S-shaped vanes can be tilted enough to break the eye line from outside to provide privacy but still allow the homeowner to have their view and natural light.  The layers of fabric also help diffuse natural light in the room creating an airy feel to the space. 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

Best window coverings for kids? 

The Palm Beach TM Polysatin TM shutters are always a hit in children’s room. 

There are no strings or cords to worry about and are very durable and the poly-satin finish makes them incredibly easy to clean. They will hold up for years and still look great. 

Photography by Callie Cranford

Best window treatments for a home office?

Designer Roller and Screen Shades are an effortless way to cover your windows (even large windows) or doors and they look very sleek and modern. 

After the meetings are over and you want to enjoy your light and view, they can roll up out of sight, leaving your window unobstructed. 

Photography by Patrick Brickman

Best treatments for the bathroom?

For small bathrooms or windows over tubs or in showers the Palm Beach TM Polysatin TM Shutters is a fantastic product. The polysatin finish makes it durable against moisture and you can have a split tilt option to give you privacy on the bottom of the window while leaving the top louvers open to allow in the natural light.

For a more elevated feel in larger bathrooms, the Vignette® can provide a dreamy feel and the top down/bottom up feature allows for privacy on the bottom of the window and natural light to come in through the top. 

Photography by Patrick Brickman

Best window treatments for TV rooms?

Two of our favorite products for media/TV rooms are the Designer Roller Shades with LightLock TM and The Duette®  with LightLock TM

These two products have room darkening opacities and can be installed into channels that seal any light gaps along the side of the shade for the perfect home-theater product. 

Photography by Ebony Ellis 

What do you recommend for windows in an open-concept kitchen? 

When it comes to an open concept, you want something that will allow for natural light to come in while still elevating the space.  The Provenance® Woven Wood Shades can seamlessly transition to different windows in a kitchen, offering a relaxed and rustic look to the space.  There are top down/bottom up options to allow for maximum privacy and light control. 

Photography by Patrick Brickman

What is something people might not know about your company?

We are a woman-owned and operated business!

Photography by Patrick Brickman