Story by Micaela Arnett / January 23, 2023

Friday, February 3:

12:00 pm  Preparing An AirBnB For Rent: Make the most of your high-traffic rental with these durable and low-maintenance furnishing considerations.  

1:00 pm Homeowner Rescues: Things I WISH I knew THEN When Constructing and Remodeling.” Construction pros talk about the mistakes they’ve seen homeowners make and how they saved the day. 

2:00 pm How To Have A Healthy And Eco-Friendly Home: Discover sustainable home products and improvements with local leaders in the water filtration, home air quality, and recycling industry. 

3:00 pm Lessons Homeowners Becoming Their Parents Need To Know: This funny, lighthearted presentation is a takeoff on the highly successful Progressive Insurance ad campaign “Young Homeowners Turning Into Their Parents.” 

4:00 pm Budget Breakdown: Sudden Wealth Syndrome: What to do if you come into a large sum of money or win the Powerball, and how to stay on top. 

Saturday, February 4: 

11: 00 am   The Secrets Of A Garden: The Dos and Don’ts of planning, building, and maintaining your garden with insights from landscape designers, landscape architects, and hardscape stone suppliers. 

12: 00 pm   Bathroom Remodeling 101: Everything you need to know BEFORE you start your project as told by bathroom remodeling and tile experts. 

1:00 pm  What’s Your M.E.S.S.Y? Solving Your Organizational Dilemmas: Get the inside scoop on all things organization with professional organizer Jennifer Truesdale.  

2:00 pm Charleston Cover Star Renovations: Alia Yahia-Bosworth and Andrea Serrano both share their dramatic home renovations +  live audience Q&A. 

3:00 pm   Interior Design Trends of 2023: Local interior designers will discuss their design trend forecasts for kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces in 2023.  

4:00 pm The Goldilocks Experience: A panel of professional home builders will discuss the renovations that make a home feel “just right” and fit for the many stages of a growing family. 

Sunday, February 5: 

12:00 pm Tips From A Master Builder: Alternative uses for materials, what to know before working with a contractor, and what not to do when the project begins hosted by Kevin Kalman of Kalman Construction. 

2:00 pm Enhance Your Landscape With Native Plants: A local landscape designer discusses plantings native to Charleston and how to best care for them throughout the seasons. 

3:00 pm Window Treatments That Wow!: The latest innovations in window treatments and how to manipulate the natural light in your home. 


See you at the Charleston Area Convention Center for Charleston Home + Design’s Winter Home Show Feb. 3-5! 

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