Story by Art Department / December 8, 2020

An all white kitchen has been a popular staple in Lowcountry homes. It’s classic and easy to fit into the coastal designs often seen in our abodes. However, incorporating bolder features and straying away from the all white is on the rise for more unique spaces. Here a some alternatives to a white kitchen for some added spunk, either in a dramatic way, or more understated.

Bold Alternatives

If you’re feeling extra adventurous and aren’t afraid of color and drama in design, consider these alternatives to a white kitchen. As they say…

Go Big or Go Home

Complimentary Tile & Fridge Combo

Chelsea Meissner’s kitchen is chock full of surfer chic vibes and vibrant colors. Her bright orange Smeg fridge and green horizontal subway tile pair together for a fun twist on an all white kitchen. Bring in some natural elements with plants and wood shelves for additional color.

Dark and Dramatic

Talk about making a statement and straying away from an all white kitchen. Black cabinetry, walls, built-ins, and a wet bar area are bold choices that add just the right drama to this space that is filled with natural light.

Pattern Mixing and Bright Accents

In this Lowcountry kitchen, varying patterns and hues come together for a cohesive and modern design. The butcher block island and floating shelves help brighten up the dark cabinets, flooring, and backsplash. Throw in a bright pink fridge and this kitchen is full of fun touches.

Honoring History

Charleston is known for its history and if you live downtown, your home probably plays that up. Lean into that when designing your kitchen and opt for rustic, worn pieces that come together to create a unique space. Each special touch will be a different conservation starter for visitors.

Effortless Alternatives

If drama in design isn’t your thing, don’t fret. These are some simpler alternatives to a white kitchen that add a bit of color but still have that classic feel a white kitchen often does.

Shades of Navy

Navy is such a classic color that can be used as an alternative to a white kitchen while still maintaining a simple elegance. Navy cabinetry adds a different color but keeps the space feeling bright, and marries well with white accents.

Colorful Décor

The bones of your kitchen can be completed with natural hues to still have a more muted palette. However, throw in some pops of color in the décor to elevate the simplicity in the countertops and cabinetry. Artwork, cookbooks, and bright kitchen gadgets all work together for an enhanced palette.

Simple Palette

A black, grey, white, cream, and brown palette is seen throughout Paula Rallis’ Lowcountry kitchen. And though palette is full of neutral tones, it makes a big impact without being overbearing. The modern finishes add style and interest to the space.

Pastel Dreams

Pastel hues are a great way to add a smidge of color to your kitchen in a more muted way. Liz Martin executed that perfectly in this space with a pastel rug and pastel dinnerware and décor displayed on the floating shelves above her stove.